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David Clarke29 wrote:

JOHN wrote:

When my Epson Pro 3880 black gloss got to 22% and the other inks at about 35% I thought it was about time to change, I had previously use Inkjetfly ink in my Epson R2400 with good results over 4 years.

What I liked about the marrutts inks was the way they promoted that you could change the ink carts one at a time.

So with this in mind I ordered photo gloss back, installed and after a few print I needed to do a ink clean then another ink clean 4x in total and I still could not get a good nozzle check.

So I phoned John and he said you need to fill the replacement cart right up and also clean the wiper blade and the printer head and print 6 to 10 sheets of black which I did and then found that my ink monitor states I have only llk 3%, vm5% and cyan7% so I now might need to buy some original Epson carts because the chips indication on carts need to be over 10%.

So this has cost me £267.oo + the 3 original carts at £53.oo = £310.oo .

I could of brought the Replacement carts and ink from Inkjetfly for about £200 incl p&p.

The only reason I went with Marrutts was they where based in the UK and there impressive website and telephone help.

I feel that this might of been a great and costly mistake.

Regards Jonathan.

Jonathan - I initially had the same problem and this was caused through an omission in the instructions. You have to fully prime the new cartridge. This consists of getting a needleless syringe and sucking the new ink through both the square and round compartments of the Marrutt cartridge until the compartments are full. This applies to all cartridges on initial replacement. Once primed and providing you do not empty any of the cartridges the priming need not be done again. If you read Jo's posts he has a series of videos explaining the whole thing - he was the one who put me right originally. I have had absolutely no problems with my printer since and the results, after some profiling are spot on - there again I am somewhat fussy about exact colour results.

Dave. (UK)

PRIMMING is a definite requirement for ALL refillable carts!!!!


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