Do you own a film camera? Film-look vs Digital

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Re: Do you own a film camera? Film-look vs Digital

D Cox wrote:

TheChefs wrote:

I like shooting film and I like the results better. I shoot digital too by the way.

As for scanning, I don't see a problem, it takes less time to scan few good photos than to sort through 1000s of maybe ok photos.

But the problem is how to digitize 35mm black and white without the grain going mushy.

Yes, that is a real problem. You want the scan to be "grain sharp" to get the beauty of high speed B&W like push processed Tri-X.

But I like very grainy film in 35mm, in that format I mostly shoot high ISO BW film. It adds texture which I like in photos. The best thing about film is that Medium Format cameras are dirt cheap, there's a whole world beyond FF or 35mm film. Not to mention amazing lenses.

If you like the the look of film, shoot film. If you like digital, shoot digital.

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