quattro, what about dynamic range and highlight recovery?

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quattro, what about dynamic range and highlight recovery?

I've seen some very nice images from quattro lately.
But i'm afraid there is a real issue with highlight recovery at base ISO 100.
In fact it is much worse than the DP2m at ISO 100.
Especially skies are often blown out without the ability to recover it. Very similar to the SD15.
SPP has a new "overexposure correction". Is it because they know about the issue?
Unfortunately this is only a "fake" correction, filling the missing information with color.
Until now i've seen only very few good DP2m vs. DP2q comparisons with available X3F to play with.
So maybe the DR of quattro is hidden in the shadows, and we have to learn a totally different way to photograph with the new Sigmas.

Some crops to make my point visilble:
There are more, but i don't want to copy too much pictures from other people in this thread.


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