Buying an older DX body...A good idea?

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Re: Buying an older DX body...A good idea?

PhotographyExplorer8321 wrote:

After looking over several camera bodies, I noticed a few deals on older bodies such as the D90 or even D60. Would such a body be a good buy even with its older specs? Any advice if this is feasible on buying lenses that would be compatible with future bodies? (ie avoiding lenses incompatible with current or future models such as D5300).

Yes. Some people only have trouble with older bodies once they are used to dynamic range and ISO performance of the newer body. Since you aren't and probably don't have the latest body to compare the older one to, you aren't spoiled and you won't notice anything wrong with D60/D90. If you can stretch to get D90 it would be better option, more controls, builtin focus motor, top info screen, video/liveview mode etc.

For the lens, they are all compatible (given you won't buy something really vintage), but if you get D90 now and plan to get something from D3xxx / D5xxx series later be sure to only buy AF-S lenses because they can autofocus on those two series, only higher bodies like D80/D90/D7000/D7100 can autofocus with non AF-S lenses.

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