Maybe it is time to leave Fuji....

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Re: Maybe it is time to leave Fuji....

Carsten Pauer 2 wrote:

Typical answer, repeated so many times !!.

You are already on my Ignore List, but i will Answer.

Maybe you would prefer that the Fuji becomes only a pro forum and get rid of all these cons arguments.

That sounds good, but this is not my "Goal".
My Goal is to Help.

This is a syndrom. When you enter in a system, you absolutely want to convince yourself (and others) that you bought the right system.

No, i bought a System what i want/need and i know good enough to Help others.

So whenever somebody makes critics about the Fuji camera, your answer is "too" simple: if you are not happy then sell it !

No, the Problem is when You really want to Help other Peoples, some People wants to Kick in Your Face.
That is one Reason why i would leave this almost Dead Forum here, but some People want me back.

I have leave some other Forums, because the most Peoples are simply to Dumb.
And i don't want to spend my valuable Time with this Dumb Peoples.

Is it possible to discuss with serenity about the drawbacks that all camera may have ??

For sure, but why should i one People help, there doesn't want to change there Thinking/Workflow ?

That is the same when You talk with a Wall.
The only advantage to Talk with a Wall is, sometime the Wall will tumble down.

If the perfect camera exists, please tell me.

Don't know, maybe You will find this perfect Camera in a lost Future.
I was one from the Peoples there have Pointed to the blurred RAW Conversation from some RAW Converters, same for the S-Series.

I using some FUJIFILM F, S and X-Series Cameras including two X-A1.
So have fun with Your own Camera(s) knowledge and make more interesting Photos.

One X-A1 Photo from the JPEG with my walimeX pro 35mm F/1.4 Lens:

And one X-A1 Photo from the RAW with my 85mm F/1.4 Samyang Lens:

I won't answer to your arguments to avoid infinite discussion. I know you contribute to give some help, so stay in the forum even if you ignore me

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