Maybe it is time to leave Fuji....

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I love my Fuji XE1 - and I'm no loyal Fuji fanboy...

I have recently bought a used Fuji XE1 camera and  couple of lenses.

I am delighted with this camera. ( I have shot and owned Canon, Minolta, Sony, Olympus , Nikon and Panasonic too, loyal fan boy I am not )

The manual controls are superb - although as always with moving dials you have to check you have not accidentally moved one - but that is just a question of user training....this user is a bit dumb!

In operation the camera is reasonably quick and snappy, most slow focusing issues are down to me, not the camera and a quick tweak of settings and it works well again.

JPEGS straight out of the camera on default settings are excellent. I don't apply anything extra above default. The files are great at highish ISO too.

RAW files process quickly, consistently and well in Apple Aperture which is my default programme - but I must admit to shooting more JPEGS with my XE1 they are that good.

The EVF works great but a bigger brighter LCD would be nice - ah - its called the XE2!

The downsides are poor AF tracking making this camera unsuited for fast action - my Nikon V1 does that for me and thats about it - oh and its fussy about the brand of SD card, it does not like my Kingston cards but works fine with all my other brands.

Every time I get home and look at my shots I'm so impressed with the punch, colour and sharpness.

I think I may have to invest in a 50-230 lens soon....

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