Avoiding inadvertently pressing buttons on a G6

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Avoiding inadvertently pressing buttons on a G6

Several of us G6 users have talked about the problem of inadvertently changing settings in the heat of picture taking due to accidentally hitting raised buttons on the back of the G6.

In my case, the big 2 are turning on WiFi (I don’t even know how to use it!) and most dangerously, changing white balance. There is nothing like shifting to Tungsten of worse in bright sunshine.

The inadvertent changes occur because these areas are under the base of thumb when I am holding the camera normally.

I have used bits of sticky vinyl material to build guards around the buttons. Right now, they are crude; I am seeing how they work.

The material used is slices off stick-on vinyl buttons for preventing furniture legs doing damage to floods OR slices of the material in which these button are set.

I have previously used these buttons and similar, larger ones, on the E-PM1 and E-PL3 to provide a grip. I also use them under my laptops to lift them off benches so a bit of air can circulate underneath. in both these cases, they have stuck very well, lasting for many months or years.

Shown here is a bit of the base material from these buttons used as a guard around the WiFi button (there was some on the outside of the button too, but it fell off), and several layers of the same built up to make a guard on the outside of the 4-way button protecting the WB side.

These are areas under my thumb when I am shooting.

The WiFi protection works well. I haven’t given the WB protection a serious work out yet -- that will occur from Wednesday when the National Mask Festival opens in Kokopo and I am in the thick of things taking pictures.

I did try using a slice of one of the buttons in this position a couple of weeks ago. It was too thick; when I wanted to change WB it was a nuisance. In any case, it fell off at some point fairly early in the experiment.

I suspect the stickum does not get such a good grip on the smooth Panny body. The Oly bodies and the metal MacBook Pro bodies had a bit of a "tooth" to help the adhesive to hang on.

I'll report how it goes. If it works well, I will spend a little time improving the cosmetics! LOL!

Rude, crude and unattractive -- but it does work. Will the pad next to the WB keep working and not fall off? Its performance in the National Mask Festival beginning in Kokopo on Wednesday will tell the story.

The material I am using. I tried slicing a bit off one of the buttons and using that but it was too thick for comfortable use and it fell off anyway. Now the WB protector is built up of several thicknesses of the base material.

A word of warning: The Pro-Tec-Tors material I am using is a year or two old. I recently bought a new pad (cost about $3), and they have changed the adhesive -- it would not stick on at all when I tried some buttons on my laptop. Most of the old ones have been on it for more than a year.

Cheers, geoff

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