Help- banding in LR5 exported JPEGs

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Re: Help- banding in LR5 exported JPEGs

The photo was shot at base ISO (200) so I didn't bother with noise, as typically, the noise at base ISO is so fine that is doesn't show unless you pixel peep. Nonetheless, as was mentioned, it could impact the color stratification I am seeing, but I'm starting to think its a monitor issue, as I'm not seeing it on other screens.

Anyway, I went into light room and moved my LR5 noise reduction slider to 42, which seemed to clean up virtually all the noise without impacting sharpness too much. Here is the result.

It's interesting-- within Lightroom, there is no noise visible and some areas like the sand look perfectly natural. For some reason, when LR exports to JPEG the conversion introduces noise, and takes away some of the finer brightness and color gradations in the sand. Again, I'm exporting at 100% quality to sRBG. I also tried exporting with and without screen sharpening and it had no impact.

Fuji X-E1, ISO 200, f10, 1/2 second, 18-55mm

Here is another one, in this case I took the luminance noise reduction slider up to 55 to eliminate the noise (I think this show was undererxposed a bit which is causing the issue.)

XE-1, 18-55, ISO 200

And a new image I've been working on.

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