Are a6000 RAW files greatly overexposed comare to JPG?

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Re: Are a6000 RAW files greatly overexposed comare to JPG?

I ran some raws today and they came out too bright in Aperture. First, Aperture couldn't read them. Then, Aperture read them pretty well. Now Aperture is showing them too bright.

Since Apple isn't going to give full support to Aperture soon, it looks like Lightroom could be the way to go.

McQuestion wrote:

ResearchKen wrote:

I'm not having this problem with Lightroom.

However, has anyone noticed the A6000's images being a bit on the cool/tungsten side pertaining to the colors? I made the jump from the 5N and I can really tell the difference between the two. The 5N gives me warmer images compared to the A6000. I've checked and compared both cameras to make sure that the color settings and white balances were the same (which they are)... just can't seem to figure it out.

I've taken pics in the same conditions with both cameras with the same lenses and I still see this. Have any of you tweaked your A6000's white balance to get warmer images? I have it set to auto right now, but I usually have to correct the temp/vibe of the color in LR afterwards more than I would like to

Thanks for bringing this up, Ken. I notice similar differences when compared to my A57. Hoping someone can shed some more light on this.

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