Equivalence, Shemiquivalence...

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Equivalence, Shemiquivalence...

I rather (not so) innocently waded into the "What is equivalence and why should I care?" article and a fine article it is and (not so) innocently posted a few thoughts that crossed my mind and BAM!! got sucked into the maelstrom in a tea cup, and found part of myself, which I did not know, that cared so much of equivalency.
After more than a few intoxicating "more taste, less filling" battle cry, when I finally so groked, it was all about the noise in a digital sensor.
This is not to re-litigate the thread. After, I finally got me out the maelstrom, after trolling for 5!! days, I got curious in that:
e.g. DOF (Depth of Field) was initially considered a limit in the lens design and was considered undesirable characteristic like noise in a digital sensor. Then, a very creative photographer noticed that OOF (OutOfFoucse - result of DOF limit) area could have creamy, dreamy (or dreamy, creamy) quality and thus was born Bokeh and the rest is a short history of 85mmf1.4 lens.
Sorry for the long preamble, but what I'm asking to the good, bad and boring (myself) photographers is, have you ever thought that the noise in the image had helped your final image?
Did you find any creamy, dreamy or dreamy, creamy noise that I gotta have and so needed to make sure that the setting is equivalent on FF sensor to a creamy, dreamy or dreamy, creamy noise of a virtually equivalent crop sensor?

BTW, If your initial response is "huh?", it's my fault and not yours...Your TV is not broken.

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