Any early, late FZ200 owners. re FZ1000

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Re: Any early, late FZ200 owners. re FZ1000

sherman_levine wrote:

ANAYV wrote:

Ronomy wrote:

Thanks Anayv,

you have a great jpg process in place. I tried using your natural settings on my FZ200 and too much detail is gone when I use SH -2 in natural mode. I should take some images with your settings and let you have a go at it. I should do a lot of things tho. My wife always tells me. LOL

Haha...your wife says that too, lol.

Setting SH to -2 might not be good for the FZ70, as it seems to be with my FZ200.

Time to experiment

Feel free anytime to send some images for PP.


FWIW, my wife told me to toss my JPGs and save as .RW2 only.

I don't always listen to my wife  


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