Finally a BIF with the a-6000

Started Jul 12, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Finally a BIF with the a-6000

thamer08 wrote:

Great shots

which adapter did you use with canon 100-400 ?

I've got the Metabones IV. It seems kind of weird and temperamental as far as AF goes. At first I couldn't get it to focus at all, but now after reading a few threads here, I can get it to achieve focus  with this lens but very slowly with much hunting. I tried it briefly on my 100mm Canon macro and had even more trouble with AF.

I need to re-visit that lens and see if it is the adapter, or me doing something wrong. It doesn't help that it comes with no instructions and even the online guide is, to my mind very confusing. I'm wondering if I would have been better to save money and just go for a simple inexpensive adapter but I do like the auto aperture etc function. It's just the AF that seems disappointing.

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