Finally a BIF with the a-6000

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Re: Finally a BIF with the a-6000

captura wrote:

Congratulations on your accomplishment! NICE photos.

But I somehow missed something here. Did you use the A6000's renowned CAF here, or predetermined MF?


This Canon lens, on the a6000, with the Metabones adapter technically has AF but in practice as far as I"ve seen it is painfully slow. Don't think I'd ever get a moving bird that way.

I took the shots using MF and focus peaking. It was made easier because the young bird was pretty much staying on the same branch, and the parents coming to him. I had to tweak focus slightly if he hopped around, but no big adjustments.

If I want to use the CAF (or any AF) on a moving object, I think it will have to be with a native lens, like the 55-210.

I took this photo with the 55-210, after having the a-6000 for just a few days. I used AF-S and probably took about 8 shots to get 2 that were borderline useful.

Hovering Dragonfly.

I found the dragonfly easier than BIF's because, even though not as big, they tend to hover a bit more. I have to admit that I was impressed out the whazoo with the speed of the focus. I've never been able to lock on anything like that with my 5D MarkII.

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