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Re: SH-1 - Super Moon 1

ac146 wrote:


Nice moon shot. We hope to see that in about 9 hours here.

We had rain for days. Two hours after moon rise it was still cloudy. About two hours before transit there were a couple of large gaps in the clouds. The moon was too high for the tripod head to tilt that far. So I sat low in a garden chair for two strings of shots, and the IS coped with most of them. The 5-axis IS permits handheld moon shots with some repeatability.

A bit off topic. But your SH-1 has a 92B battery. Which I understand is an upgraded 90B battery. So are these interchangeable? Does anyone know?

They are physically the same and fully interchangeable. Both Li-90B and Li92B work in both my SH-50 and in my SH-1.

I just purchased an XZ-2 from Olympus Canada. I'm sure that its replacement won't be at the $299 price that I just got mine for. So just couldn't justify waiting.

Agreed, you could not wait at that price.

We still don't have the silver SH-1s here yet. So the boss is waiting too. Much longer and we'll get a black one.

The XZ-2 will do landscapes with more detail, and the SH-1 has more reach and is probably more versatile on the video side

Sorry for the off topic question.

Battery questions are always relevant to me. My SP-570UZ is technically now a museum piece. But it uses 4 AA cells, and my low discharge Ni-Me Hydride are rated at 2100 mAh. It also works with Alkalines. So if I ever go anywhere that has no power points for recharging, this old plastic brick with knobs on will have to step in and do duty.

Admittedly, the capacity of the small Li-ions is creeping up, and the cameras get more frugal. But on every Morris dance tour, after lodging in my first priority is to find a power point for charging.

Nice pic.

Thank You!


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