Trip to Europe...what to bring?

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Re: Trip to Europe...what to bring?

I would take the A6000 over the D800, but I wouldn't call it a dinosaur. Most people on the board don't need the build of a D800 or other weatherproofed camera, but they serve a vital purpose for many photographers.

I would, however, have a decent backup camera, such as the RX100 or even an iPhone. Always have an emergency option.

123Mike wrote:

You have quite the concentrated set of lenses that are the good ones.

Personally, I would pick:

tossed between the 24 or 32 1.8...

55-210 if you think you'll be birding (pigeons? ), or shooting chasers...

I think it's safe to leave the Nikon behind. I'm convinced that DSLR has just lost it's appeal. They're now nothing but oversized clunky dinosaurs, except to providing access to long lenses. Others will spit foam at their mouth for me saying this, but o well...

Couple of caveats though. The A6000 can be tricky. Picking less than ideal focusing settings can degrade the results quite a bit. You'd have to be comfortable that you can master and choose the right combination of settings for each scene. For instance, using AF-S vs AF-C, focus size (wide, zone, spot with specificying size). When to use lock-on-af, and when not to. I don't know what you know, and perhaps you've been shooting so long, that when you hear me saying this, you might go (aahh, I know what I'm doing, I've been shooting since I was born). But seriously though, the A6000 *is* different.

Good backpack. My favorite is the lowepro fastpack 200, because it has two straps distributing the load on the shoulders, and has enough space for trailmix in the top compartment. It has just enough space for the lenses above.

With this combination, visiting cities and whatnot, I'd imagine that you want/need more wide angle than zooming in. Crop a bit for extra zoom, given the resolution is 24mp and the lenses are *quite* sharp. I just had a week away, and found that my ultimate walk-around lens this time, don't laugh, was the Rokinon 8mm f/2.8 fisheye... Your 10-18'd be the primary walk-around I would think, whereas others might say the 16-70 should be.

That's my 2 cents anyway.

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