250D misuse on my G1X-II; skewing perception?

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250D misuse on my G1X-II; skewing perception?

I've posted a few photos taken with my G1X-II comparing shots taken with and without my 250D. I figured out pretty quickly that the 250D gives a noticeable improvement in magnification at the telephoto end of the zoom range on this camera, but not much improvement at the wide end thanks to the Mk II's improved MFD over its predecessor. I also mentioned more than once that I seemed to get much clearer shots without the 250D  than with. As I've seen my own photos, I don't think the trade-off in IQ is worth the increased magnification.

Each time I've posted samples like this, I've clearly stated that I do not have the filter adapter for the Mk II and have been holding the 250D against the front of the lens by hand (250D glass in direct contact with the plastic front rim of the G1X-II lens). I realize the filter adapter would actually hold the 250D slightly away from the front of the lens, and would certainly do so at a constant distance.

My question is whether my hand-held method is contributing to the reduced IQ. Does mounting the 250D slightly away from the lens in the filter adapter improve the optics so that sharper focus is achieved without the hazing or blurring I've noticed? Does doing so impact the magnification as well? I'd appreciate input from any members with knowledge of optics on this. I'm re-posting my latest samples below to illustrate what I'm talking about. I'm now debating buying the adapter vs. selling the 250D.



Catnip flowers taken with G1X-II plus 250D hand held in place and hand held shot.

Same catnip flowers taken with G1X-II without 250D but still hand held shot.

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