The ultimate X-Trans RAW Converter - one year later.

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Re: The ultimate X-Trans RAW Converter - one year later.

Jerry-astro wrote:

Eoanthropus wrote:

Wow! I hadn't seen this originally. I've seen some other pretty good examples of the same but that certainly is the ultimate RAF file to bust Adobe's balls. It's pretty pathetic to see Adobe just spaz itself into gelatinous goop trying to process that file. Wow!

Oh, please. More of this ACR blather. Please help point out the "gelatinous goop" in this LR processed version. It might be a touch oversharpened, but your comment is old news and simply inaccurate.

+1. The image at 100% looks very crisp, no halos, and all the greenery is sharp and defined. Maybe just a bit over-sharpened, but that seems to be what people want to see - if it isn't bleeding-edge sharp, then it's a "watercolor". The LR naysayers will persist until the end of time, but I think this conversion puts the whole X-Trans debate to bed. Well done!

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