Any early, late FZ200 owners. re FZ1000

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Re: Any early, late FZ200 owners. re FZ1000

Ronomy wrote:

Hi Sherm,

After spending almost two years with the camera I think what happens with the jpg engine is if there is noise in the raw file more noise reduction is applied to the jpg when sharpness is set high. The NR setting in the camera sets the threshold of how much NR is applied. So leaving the sharpness low at -2 we see less noise and the noise reduction is used less.

When I take pictures in low lighting like at dusk and use NR -2 and SH higher than -2 my images will smudge fine detail where there is too much noise. Very noticeable in landscapes. Tree branches are smudged.

Today I use SH -2 and NR -1 and I get much cleaner low light images and they don't smudge nearly as much. Very little in fact! I have a lot more range and better detail in the images I take. They also look much cleaner at base ISO in good lighting. Most of the time perfectly clean images. Since I have been using these settings I am now using this camera a lot more. Not always grabbing my LX7 for a better image. I am getting a lot more consistently clean jpgs from my FZ200 even in the shadows.


I think your right, Ron.Good analysis. Your patience has paid off !

You know, years ago, the older FZ's would hardly show this much difference, when adjusting the in camera settings. DPReview even showed and commented on this , years ago.

I tried my settings with the FZ70 , that I use with my FZ200....I'm not sure if it's atmospheric issues, shooting at 1200mm, (or longer, if using the Nikon 1.5 TC)...but I am getting really soft images, and have to PP the heck out of them , to get decent sharpness.

I will go back to shooting with the FZ200, and add the TC to that, and see what I get.

Might have to increase in camera sharpness on the FZ70.

I do have an improved  test chart I made, and am waiting for time to test out many camera's with it

These will include the FZ200, FZ70, LX7, ZS20,30, Oly XZ-1, and might throw in the FZ20, just for kicks  


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