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Re: Same ISO Same Lens, Would......

Hi Roger ! I have experiencies of Fuji X E-1 and Canon 6D right now. They present APS and full size sensors. When I look at pics in 23'' screen, it is very difficult to say, which picture is Fuji, which 6D, so near they are.

We had once with friend 4 pics size 20'' X 30'' in wall of our coffee room in work. Pics were taken with 4 different cameras which had pixels: 6 million, 8 million, 10 million and 12 million. Then we asked several people: Which picture look sharpest and technically best. The camera that won had lowest number of pixells. 12 million camera was Canon 5D, only that had fullsize sensor. My answer is, difference is very little in general.

I give you a link to one who use ASP size sensor camera.

Here is other link, where you can see and compare test pics and parts of pics, you can choose 4 different cameras here and change jpeg or RAW format and ISO also. You look at it carefully, it is rather usefull.

Last link is to my pictures, this is to give you an idea, who am I who has not the lightest problem to understand your question. I bought my Canon just 2 months ago, after that I have not touched Fuji, even Canon with 24-105 lens is a heavy load to carry.

Hope you get something, wish you well, jouni

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