Same ISO Same Lens, Would......

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Wrong question

Roger Bloemers wrote:

The question is obvious. I don't need to be more specific.

YEs you do need to be more specific. Or rather, you need to think it through a bit more.

The SAME lens will give a DIFFERENT image. Different FOV and DOF. Any difference in noise or whatever will be irrelevant next to that.

Most of us know the difference between crop and full frame. I just want to know there would be a Better look from the full frame priint. If it's close to the crop camera then I wouldn't bother to buy the full frame. And I'm think a lower ISO in the comparison.

What you are asking is not thought through. Same lens with different sensor size gives different image. So, nonsensical question.

The question should be:

With an EQUIVALENT lens, what will be the difference. So, if you shoot with 35mm at f4 on the 70D, and with an EQUIVALENT lens on FF (so ~56mm at f6.3), will you see a difference?

That depends. On low ISO settings, difference will be smaller compared to higher ISO settings. But, you don't just set the same ISO setting just for fun. The equivalent f-value to get the same DOF is higher on the FF combination, so you will go higher in ISO faster. And then, the difference will be equalized again.

The big advantage/reason for FF is that you are able to use more shallow DOF (bigger apertures). A secondary reason may be that FF gives a slightly more dynamic feel at times (due to bigger sensels I assume).

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