Quattro Image Comparison to Bayer Sensor Camera

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Quattro Image Comparison to Bayer Sensor Camera

I've been taking test shots with both the Sigma DP2 Quattro and Sony a6000 with Sony 35mm 2.8 lens. As expected, both cameras take nice images. However, as resolution is increased the bayer sensor camera shows color artifacts, especially on what should be a neutral (white-ish) color, while the Sigma camera remains color sharp at the pixel level.

Here is the test shot:

As shot with Sigma Dp2Q. I suspected the white edging on the letters would show the difference between sensors.

Blow up of Quattro image

Because there is little interpolation pixel to pixel there is little color smearing.

Now the bayer (Sony a6000) image

As expected, the bayer suffers from color smearing.

Even same color patches have issues with bayers.

The green is very clean on the Sigma

Now for the bayer

you can see some color artifacts on both green and blue

These are extreme blow-ups, but demonstrate why the Quattro would be preferable to a similar $1,600 setup from Sony IF maximum image IQ is desired.

Both photos were taken at ISO 100 at 5.6  The Sigma was processed straight to TIFF.  The bayer converted to TIFF in PS.  Both photos were then enlarged to 600% and illustrative sections copied out.

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