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Tom__Brown wrote:

JNR wrote:

Not sure I understand your strong preference for AA battery use. Given the higher power demands of the newer units, and the significant voltage differential between dedicated batteries and four AAs - you can't help but experience some stability problems. While much about the K30/50 is well designed, the AA system is a near failure (even with new Eneloops, charged in a very good charger). You are much better off with a few dedicated batteries (at least three for a full day of shooting).

I shot a K100D with Eneloops for many years (still have it and use it sometimes) and I've never had stability problems. I could shoot 400~500 shots on a charge, consistently.

I use a La Crosse BC-800 charger, and it has worked well, although I've had two failures so I'm on my third charger over about a 10 year period. If I were to buy another charger, it would probably be a Maha.

I run the trusty old Maha C2040F - which is great but charges only in pairs.

Perhaps you've run across some counterfeit Eneloops from eBay? There are lots of them out there.

No. Duracells made in Japan from a trusted brick and mortar store - purchased at various times over the years. It is the same cell as the Eneloops (not the XX version).

Real Eneloops will test between 2.03Ah and 2.05Ah, consistently from cell to cell. It's almost uncanny how closely matched they are. I've never seen such consistent battery quality from any other make or even other varieties from Sanyo.

Having said that, I also have a K20D and K5. This is a different era. Eneloops are expensive and extremely hard to get. Eneloops from eBay are likely to be counterfeit. D-L190 clones are available from eBay really cheap (I paid $16 for two cells, including shipping) and they work great. They are cheaper and better than Eneloops. They take up less space in the bag too, and they are lighter.

I have a D-L190 in a Watson (Pearstone is the same) - nearly as good as OEM. I have two of the DSTEs from Amazon or ebay - not nearly so great, and I expect service life to be about half (as has been my experience with pretty much all previous cheapies).

It is possible that my electronics on the K-30 are heading toward failure - as the freeze-ups have been more frequent lately. I have the extended warranty - and will likely send it out for the free clean and possible main board replacement. Guess it really doesn't matter which power source might be responsible for causing problems.

All I can say for sure is that the K20D and K-01, which rely on the dedicated system only, are far more stable than the K-30 and *istD that allow for (or depend on) AA tech. There might be good reason why other brands don't touch AAs, not to mention that the Pentax flagships have avoided them for the best part of the past decade.

Thankfully, we've moved beyond the era of uber expensive custom batteries.

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