Not scientific, very casual Quattro vs. Merrill test

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Not scientific, very casual Quattro vs. Merrill test

First off, this test is extremely casual. I went out on my lunch break without a tri-pod and took a bunch of shots of NYC streets. Specifically I went looking for colorful signage with a lot of contrast and detail. Yes, the compositions are not perfectly lined up. Yes they were probably taken at slightly different f-stops and shutters.

Some people will probably find this test useless, but the good thing about these cameras is that they produce WILDLY different images. You don't need a tripod and perfect science to see the difference. A lot of the "character" that these cameras impose is apparent without any of that stuff.

Without further ado :

Merrill 01 - Wide

Quattro 01 - Wide

Merrill 01 - Detail

Quattro 01 - Detail

Merrill 02 - Wide

Quattro 02 - Wide

Merrill 02 - Detail

Quattro 02 - Detail

Merrill 03 - Wide

Quattro 03 - Wide

Merrill 03 - Detail

Quattro 03 - Detail

Merrill 04 - Wide

Quattro 04 - Wide

Merrill 04 - Detail

Quattro 04 - Detail

Merrill 05 - Wide

Quattro 05 - Wide

Merrill 05 - Detail

Quattro 05 - Detail

Merrill 06 - Wide

Quattro 06 - Wide

Merrill 06 - Detail

Quattro 06 - Detail

I'm very new to Sigma cameras, but what I love about the Merrill are the colors and unbelievable detail you get out of such a small and affordable package. I'm mostly a film shooter, but the Merrill is the rare digital camera I can get behind.

Based on the test images I've already seen I was deeply concerned that Sigma threw the baby out with the bath water with the Quattro - that the new sensor (although very nice in a vacuum) did not have the qualities that I fell in love with in the Merrill.

Unfortunately, I'd have to say that this test 100% confirmed those fears for me. I'm going to shoot some more tests this weekend (specifically I'd love to see how it does with portraits), but I've seen enough to know that the Quattro makes some deadly compromises in terms of color and detail that simply ruin the whole camera for me.

It's a real shame cause I legitimately love everything else about the Quattro. The form factor is awesome (I've got small hands and I love it), the LCD is so much better. The AF is better (although still pretty funky), the white balance is much better, and feeling comfy shooting at 200 or 400 ISO would be awesome.

I can post the .x3fs if anybody is interested. Yes, I'm brand new to these cameras and this forum. Just trying to be helpful to anybody looking for comparison shots...

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