From A77 to A7, A7R or A7s

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Re: From A77 to A7, A7R or A7s

Wirralpix wrote:

I'm an early adopter of the A77 three years ago and own several APS-C lenses but I'm in the fortunate position of being able to afford a switch to E mount. I own the A77, a Sony A200 infrared converted camera, Sony 75-300G, Sigma 70-200 f2.8 SSM, Sony 16-80 ZA, Tamron 90mm macro, Tokina 11-16mm, Sony 35mm f1.8 and Samyang 8mm fisheye. These would be sold and the money spent on E mount.

Sony technology has moved on considerably in three years but I haven't kept up with E mount. Although the A77 supplies 90% of my needs I'm struggling with it's low light capabilities and its bulk and at 60 years of age I'm looking for a lighter camera system to carry around.

The new 12 mp A7s is being advertised as a low light demon at £2100 but the older A7 and A7R are much cheaper. As this may be my last major body camera purchase I'm unsure whether to buy the A7, A7R or A7s and I'd appreciate some advice.


The A7s shines past ISO 6400 - do you shoot there often?

Note - this is on FF. Compare it to ISO 3200 on APS-C.

Why not consider the A6000? It is closer to the A77 in terms of performance (both AF and sensor size), and you can use your existing lenses with the LA-EA2 adapter (without having to crop).

On the A7x cameras, you need the LA-EA4 adapter, or switch to newer lenses - the budget will go up, considerably.

If you want the full-frame experience, the A7 is more all-round than the A7s, specifically in terms of FF performance and resolution. It is the only A7 with PDAF - the A7r and A7s rely on CDAF, with the A7s shining under low light AF (speed & accuracy).

But 12Mp is 12Mp - for everything shoot you may be just fine with it, but 12Mp to 24Mp makes for a big difference (24Mp to 36Mp less so).

If you like a single zoom lens with a body, the A7x may be of interest to you. Especially the A7s with just the E2870 will do quite respectably under all circumstances. Fast FE lenses are still few in between and all fetch a high price.

Compare this to the A6000, which is a lot more affordable, with a larger complement of lens choices.

In short:

  • High ISO shooting (often): go for the A7s
  • All around Full Frame bias: go for the A7
  • High performance APS-C is ok: go for the A6000 
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