What's the difference between a photographer and an artist ?

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Re: What's the difference between a photographer and an artist ?

Iain G Foulds wrote:

... Ferrell: I would disagree with your definition. Photographers can be at least as patient, dedicated, and meticulous as artists- debatably more so. Artists can capture a fleeting moment of opportunity in one shot. Photographers can process an image almost forever.

... Again, I would offer that the important line between a photographer and an artist is that photographers are focused on the technical aspects of photographing subjects, whereas artists are concerned with the composition as a whole.

We all have a right to disagree. In my experience during art school, there were plenty of technical aspects we had to be concerned about that are required in the arts in addition to composition, such as type of clay, type of glaze, proper heating of clay, proper technique of shaping clay, proper metals to fuse in metal arts class, the techniques of connecting metals, creating smooth fusions of metal, properly sharpening pencils by hand (not with a mechanical sharpener), mixing our own emulsions, etc.

Artists need advanced composition skills, in addition to technical abilities.

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