We all will be pixelpeeping soon!!

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We all will be pixelpeeping soon!!

Hi all,

I am not kidding! Our old good kit lenses and other so-so lenses are in big danger! And I will explain why.

Yesterday I was in local Electro Store to check out the new 4K TVs. I was equipped with pen drive with my personal-best photos and found there very friendly staff who allowed me to look at them for unlimited time. I have chosen 55 inch Samsung curved TV and I was just blown away. I was blown away with the detail and sharpness of the photos! This is something what I was waiting for for ages. The amount of detail was just impressive! The razor-sharp edges of the objects add big "3D like" effect to the scene and so on.


I have also seen some pictures from my SEL 16-50 kitlens. All of us know that the corners are not very good. Especially on low apertures. We all was used to say: "It is no problem, unless you pixelpeep." Now with 4K it is very different! With this higher resolution you can go closer to the big screen and let yourself immerse to the scenery. The experience is all new and very pleasant but you just see the softness of the corners with the naked eye.

And I think it will be not only problem with the kitlens. All the so-so lenses are in this danger. Also any motion-blur is dramatically more visible. The same applies to noise on higher ISO.

I am afraid, with 4K - everything changed!

And I think it is good news after all. When all of us will have 4K (and 8K monitors in future) everywhere around us, the manufactures will be more forced to produce more quality glass! The so-so lenses of today will be just unacceptable! So this is good news, do you agree?

And all of us will become pixelpeepers, because you will see every flaw of the lens with just naked eye!!

What do you think?



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