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Re: Lenses for X-t1

juvx wrote:

Im considering switching to the X-t1 from my sony a7 mainly for the lenses. the 55-200 im getting for sure.

What other lenses would you recommend of me getting first. I'm looking for good autofocus performance.

Should i get the kit lens or the 18-135 when it comes out?

what Primes MUST have in this system?

If you do a lot of travel photography and want single walk-around lens compromises, I do like the 18-135.

If I jumped in today instead of a few months ago, I'd go with the X-T1 with 18-135 and consider the constant f/2.8 zooms for more serious zoom work.

Of the lens I own or have rented:

- 14/2.8 - very small/light.  If you like this focal length for landscape or don't need anything wider, it is an obvious choice

- 10-24/4 - Excellent OIS.  For an ultra wide zoom, it performs very well.  It is on the larger side being slightly longer than the 18-55 and as wide as the 55-200 zooms, but, if you are into UWA zooms, I highly recommend it.  I'm going to buy one by the end of the year.

- 23/1.4 - At first, I couldn't understand why anyone would complain this lens is too big.  Then I rented one.  Bigger than I thought, but, it is a fast 23mm and in that it is about what I expect for size.  Well worth it if you like that prime focal length,

- 35/1.4 - I bought it because it was on sale.  Not my favorite focal length on APS-C, but, it is very small and light.  I rather go 23 and 56, but, for those who want a 35, it's great.

- 56/1.2 - Awesome lens.  Let a guy with a Canon 5D3 with 85L try a X-T1 with 56/1.2, and he'll understand why photographers like mirrorless.

So I recommend:  14/2.8 or 10-24; 23 or 35; 56.  Then pick the zooms that fit your needs / budget / camera bag.

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