DSLR to compact recommendation (with flash sync speed twist)

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DSLR to compact recommendation (with flash sync speed twist)

I am considering moving from the DSLR world to a compact camera but have some concerns. Does anyone know of a compact camera that would meet the following criteria?

Must have:
flash sync speed faster than (or at least) 1/320 (even if only with HSS/FP/or whatever it is called by other manufacturers)
APS-C size sensor (could possibly settle for 4/3)
built-in flash

Very important:
viewfinder (OVF, EVF, any type)
interchangeable lens (if it must be fixed lens, then I'd prefer a reasonably wide one)
fast autofocus (tracking not important, just acquiring focus initially)

The fast flash sync is an absolute must. Also, no disrespect, but I am not interested in point and shoot cameras.

I've tried using the feature search on dpreview.com but flash sync speed is not listed as a selectable feature. The same case is with every other comparison/search/filter tool I tried - no flash sync speed spec.
If anyone's been in the same situation before and can give me a quick recommendation I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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