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Birddogman wrote:

Obviously, everyone’s needs are different and only you can know what you need. During the hunting season, I concentrate mostly on shots of my dogs in action and of the beautiful uplands we are privileged to explore. Off-season, I will do everything from landscapes, to historical structures, to portraits, to events, and, of course, the dogs – so my system must accomodate a pretty broad set of uses off-season. Where we differ, I suppose, is in so-called “street photography” – I have zero interest in that and would rather be shot in the face than voluntarily spend time in a city.

FWIW, my regular off-season walk-around kit is an XT1 body, 18-55mm (this covers the focal lengths I use most often and is an excellent lens); 55-200mm (my second-most used lens) and 10-24mm (another excellent lens, but a lens with a very limited purpose – indispensable when you want a SWA effect, otherwise the 18-55 covers the most used WA focal lengths). The body and three lenses, plus some filters, batteries, etc, and a SLIK Mini-Pod III with Joby ballhead all fit in a very small Domke 5XB shoulder/waist bag – making a very small, light kit that has great versatility and is capable of producing images with superb IQ.

At times, I will substitute the 56mm F1.2 lens for either the 55-200mm or the 10-24mm in my walking-around kit. It is a superb lens, ideal for people photos - especially in event-type situations where you want the distracting background to disappear into a nice bokeh. It is my most used prime.

I have found that all of those lenses when mounted on the XT1 body (as opposed to the MUCH slower XP1 body) have sufficiently fast and accurate autofocus and focus tracking for my needs – which often involve fast moving subjects, such as dogs and wild upland birds.

The only other prime that gets much use is the 35mm F1.4. It’s primary value is general indoors work in limited light without flash where I don’t want to bring the subject as close as the 56mm does.

I have an 18mm prime. It just gathers dust – the 18-55mm is better, faster to focus and more versatile.

I will get the weatherproofed 16-55mm F2.8 when it comes out just to play with, but I don’t know if I will use in the field in place of the smaller, lighter 18-55mm unless or until that lens dies from the harsh conditions to which it is exposed (it hasn’t done so yet). I could change my mind if IQ on the 16-55mm F.28 is substantially better than the 18-55mm, but it’s hard to believe that could happen.

The only remaining hole in my lens line-up is a long tele. Like the 10-24mm, that will be a rarely used, special purpose lens for me, but, also like the 10-24mm, indispensable when needed. I will take a hard look at the 120-400 when it comes out.

So, my suggestion would be to go with an XT1 (I never owned an XE1, but understand they are similar in focus preference to the XP1, which was painfully slow), which should provide dramatically better focusing and focus tracking performance than your old XE1. Then, get the basic zooms: 18-55mm (or wait until the 16-55mm F2.8 comes out, but it will probably be bigger and heavier); 55-200mm, and 10-24mm, in that order. Add a 56mm F1.2 for people pics and portraiture and you will have a very versatile and capable kit.

Good luck in your quest!



Thank you Greg, that sounds about the exact plan i was considering.

Kit lens plus 55-200 and then...  10-24 OR 56mm next as they cost about the same. I will probably get more use out of the 56mm since i dont have that many landscapes to shoot after i get it until next year.

Unfortunately ill be going to Colorado in 2 weeks and will not have time to sell my Sony A7 gear in time and buy the Fuji. Its ok, the sony is an amazing camera in its own right, just limited a little by the native lens lineup.

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