camera softwares vs Lightroom

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camera softwares vs Lightroom

Hi to you all,

I have been a Nikon user (still love my d5100) for the last 8 years and I have just purchased a new Canon eos 6d for it's outsatnding image quality and low light capacity..
Although I could not find time to shoot more than a few photos, I am very very happy and excited that I own this magnificent camera, it is a dream come true for me..

With this new 6d I have a problem (which I also have with my existing d5100..)
I always shoot raw and love to have the original colors from the camera.
So I use the camera software (DPP for oes ofcourse) for displaying my photos.
But I also love all the features and easiness of LR and my problem starts right here:

1) because I don't want to lose the original colors from my canon camera at all, I must use the DPP software for my raw conversion. So I do and I convert my cr2 files to 16 bit tiff files to open them in LR for the future pp.

2) but then I lose some of the most important features that LR offers such as WB setting and I believe some others either???
and this is exactly what I want to learn from you:
in LR5, if I start my pp with 16 bit tiff files instead of raw files, which features of LR am I losing besides the WB adjustment?
a) in terms of dynamic range, do I lose the potantial of the raw file?
what is the comparison between a tiff file and a raw file in terms of DR?
(I mean when I convert the raw file to tiff file, do I lose any of the dynamic range of the photo?)

b) what about the shadows&highlights and blacks&whites adjustments?

in short when I use LR5, what is the disadvantage of using the tiff file for the pp instead of the raw file?
as I said earlier, if I had not preferred the original colors from the camera I would happily skip the original camera softwares (like view nx2, dpp) and just use LR from the beginning but this is sth I really don't want to sacrifice. (and as you know the color difference between the camera softwares and LR is so big)
pls tell me if I am wrong on my workflow, (converting the cr2 to tiff and then open it inLR5 and start to do the pp), or is there a better approach for my target..
this is sth I can not solve for so many years,

thx in advance


Canon EOS 6D Nikon D5100
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