More Options for Playing and Editing 4K Video

Started Jul 11, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Stephen McDonald
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More Options for Playing and Editing 4K Video

I spent some time yesterday, downloading and experimenting with some unedited 4K video from online sources. The first thing I did after that, was to download the version 10.0 upgrade for the Divx Player and its associated programs (it's free). Then I upgraded my AVS Video Editor program package to the latest version.

I've found that with the Divx and AVS converters, I can shift any 4K format and bit-rate, to something that can play and look very good on my computer. The Divx Converter is very fast and renders a video about 6 times more quickly as when converting or editing it on the AVS programs. I think that the AVS versions may look a little better, but that's just a judgement call on my part.

Everything played very well on the updated Divx Player, but the others I have, did a good job on some of them. I have a quad-core computer, which is a big help in handling these files. You have a conversion bit-rate limit on the Divx Converter of 19.75 Mbps, but you can set it higher with AVS.

A year or so ago, I was shown and then further developed a hacking trick to get the AVS Video Editor on my computer to edit and publish 60p video source footage, at 60p (50p in some other countries) and give it a bit-rate of 28 Mbps. It doesn't produce 60p on its own, but obviously has the capability, if pushed into it. It will accept 60p as a source and then publish it in 30p, in its normal processes. If anyone who has the AVS Video Editor is interested, let me know and I'll give out the link to an online description I've posted.

I found that I could play everything I converted or edited from 4K on either Splash Lite, MPC-HC, Windows Media Player or the Divx Player, or in some cases on all of them. Windows Media Player could play the FZ1000 raw footage, at 100 Mbps, but with some stuttering. It did the same with an 88 Mbps /MP4/4K video from a BlackMagic camera. The other players fizzled on the full 4K videos.

I must warn you about Splash Lite. Although it's a good program, when I updated it about 15 months ago, they sneaked some unwanted adware in on me, that was very hard to eliminate. I don't know if they are still doing this or if it was even their intent to do it. They might have been victimized by an adware promoter, in some way. But be cautious, if you want to download or update it.

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