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Re: The day when we can't take these photos...

Again, thanks for your replies. Again, I'm saddened that so many, more than the 10-20% one of you suggests, are critical of taking and/or sharing such pictures in this forum or on a blog. "It's the times we live in", a couple of you state. I'll expand on that. IMO, we are bombarded with bad news and pictures of ugly events 24/7. That's what we call news. In a a sort of corollary to Gresham's law, it seems, "bad news (and photographs) drives out good." I tried to take pictures of a healthy, wholesome, joyous activity. It appears that there is too much distrust and we are too sensitized by the 24/7 bad news and photographs of ugly events that remain rare, but dominate the media. That's the way it is, and I respect the feelings of those of you opposed to my posting photographs on this forum or elsewhere.

There was no practical way to ask permission of the 100+ I photographed. I think possibly a more targeted photographic session, asking permission ahead of time, and photographing those few might work, but my goal was to capture the spontaneous joie de vivre as it occurred. I think photographs of seniors, those young-uns, 70's and 80's and the two 95 year olds I coach might also be less threatening and also reflect the esprit I tried to document.

My other goal was to expand the range of my photography skills (I'm taking courses and going to photographic workshops) from something I'm pretty good at, wildlife photography, to another area where I'm knowledgeable, but have little photography experience. I was mindful of composition, light, leading lines, subject interest, and everything that separates a good photograph from a snapshot. Not that I obtained those goals in this, my first ever and probably last attempt at this kind of photography, but it was part of an intentional learning experience.


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