New D5300 owner looking for advice

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New D5300 owner looking for advice


I recently purchased a D5300 camera to get a improvement over the digital point and shoot cameras I have been using. A bit of background is that before I had kids I used to be somewhere in the beginner enthusiast area and owned a old Nikon D90 35mm and had a few lens, flashes, filters, etc. Nothing too fancy but a fair amount of stuff that I recently stumbled upon again in a closet.

I took a ton of pictures with that old film camera when the kids were first born, but right about then the digital transition was starting in earnest. I ditched the film altogether when I bought a smaller Canon G3 digital camera, and have had several cheaper point-and-shoot type cameras since, mainly to try and keep up with the pixel counts.

Back to the present, I did a little bit of research, albeit not enough, before I bought the D5300 thinking I would be able to use my old lens. Now that I have the camera I find out that while indeed they do work, I lose out on the autofocus as the D5300 does not have a motor in the body for this.

I also understand that while my lens will work fine manually focusing, I end up with a larger equivalence lens, meaning my 50mm becomes something like 75 to 100mm. This part I am still unclear about.

So now to my questions, I have 4 lens from my old camera, the Nikon AF-Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4D probably being the nicest of them all. Would I be better off trading these in and apply the credit to the newer AF-S style lenses or should I consider trying to return the camera and getting something like the D7100 which I believe will work properly with my older lenses?

My other lenses are nothing special after researching the trade-in prices, a 70-210mm, a 35-80mm, and a wide angle lens, not sure of size atm as it is still in the closet somewhere.

Personally, I think I will be fine with the D5300 and considering the extra $500 I would need to upgrade to the D7100, I am leaning toward the trade-in old lenses and apply credit toward new lenses for the D5300 approach. Before I make another oops, I thought I should just throw it out there to people who are probably a lot more knowledgeable that I am on the subject.


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