10's and S's Fixes all Nikon Issues!

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Re: Bad taste

Shotcents wrote:

Based on when I ordered I don't expect to be getting my D810 in the first batch anyway.

You may as well have ordered from the first batch.

If your reasoning is the first batch may have bugs that will be discovered, posted about, and fixed by Nikon before manufacturing the second batch you must be mistaken.

You ordered yours before anyone even got an 810 from the first batch ... so how could yours be any safer from new-model bugs? If you really want the kind of bug avoidance you refer to I'd wait perhaps a year after a model's introduction.

Actually my choice is to wait till the first sale on a Nikon body, that's when I bought my D800. YMMV, but I like getting a few bucks off and getting a body a bit more likely to be bug-free. I've never been one who must have the lastest and greatest the moment it comes out. I also wait for films to get to Netfilx.Same camera, same film.

Even at two years old my D800 kicks @ss.

BTW, about this whole 'troll' thing ... Yawn-O-Rama.

It's the Internet, folks. Nuttin you can do about it. I just skim past the drama. Posting to try to stop it is counter productive, and just shows you are being manipulated. By focusing on the poster instead of the content you're just fanning the very flames you condemn.

When everyone ignores a troll it will go elsewhere for food.

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