Copy photos using wifi Olympus TG3 to Mac OSX

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SOLVED (using terminal)

ok guys, so I find some time to play with this. I come with this abraca-dabra command, which you run in terminal:

wget -q -O - | awk -F\" '/wlansd\[[0-9]/ {print "" $2}' | sed -E 's/(.*(JPG|MOV|AVI))(.+)/\1/' | sed 's/,/\//' | xargs wget

it should copy all jpg,avi and mov to current directory. I am sure, it can be written better, but this works (at least for me, I dont know if TG-3 can be on other IP address and also I believe dir 100OLYMP can be also different, so there is still some space to hack this, but then hard to do in 1 line, I could write perl program for that..., but this just works).

Output in terminal looks like:

MBP:Oly 2ge$ wget -q -O - | awk -F\" '/wlansd\[[0-9]/ {print "" $2}' | sed -E 's/(.*(JPG|MOV|AVI))(.+)/\1/' | sed 's/,/\//' | xargs wget

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2014-07-11 03:29:38--

Connecting to connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK

Length: 3146467 (3.0M) [image/jpeg]

Saving to: 'P1010001.JPG'

100%[==========================================================================>] 3,146,467 442KB/s in 6.9s

2014-07-11 03:29:45 (443 KB/s) - 'P1010001.JPG' saved [3146467/3146467]

--2014-07-11 03:29:45--

Connecting to connected.




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