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Thank You Both

It is actually one of the 30 odd grab shots on the way to the shopping. The sky was overcast, and it was very windy. But it was bright enough for the SH-1 to choose 125 ISO and a suitable shutter speed, with my preferred setting of EV -0.3.

...Hang on, the cat wants feeding - now she is happy...

The camera histogram showed the shadow detail was within the camera range, and that the highlights would still be ok at EV 0. But in post processing I prefer expanding in the highlights rather than in the shadows, so I concentrated on grabbing the odd few seconds where the wind was not blowing, letting me centre the bloom.

After the 30 odd shots I speculated that I had at least one good one, and carried on with the shopping. Got home, put the shopping away, fed the cat, THEN downloaded the pictures.

All the shots were sharp, and all could have been cropped for the bloom to be centred. I kept the 3 shots that did not need cropping, then I selected the one that, to me, had the most pleasing angle.

The PSE7 Levels histogram agreed with the camera histogram. I adjusted PSE7 Levels to 0 0.8 215. In words, I left the shadows where they were, made the highlights brighter and the midtones darker. This emphasizes the detail in the bright parts of the bloom.

I have some afterthoughts. The SH-1 at this stage makes the best use of the small 16MB sensor. Getting WB AUTO to work in cloudy weather saves time during the shoot and in post-processing. 5-axis IS makes to SH-1 lock the focus faster and correctly. With this example, the in-camera sharpening helps rather than hinders.

This is to the Olympus marketeers: The engineers and the firmware writers, photographers both, have created a pocket P&S that is up to the job.

The SH-1 is not going to hurt your E-M10 sales. The people who buy them have more time to play with the gear than I have. Also, those people don't mount an E-M10 on an accordion and play it (the extra mass causes too much whiplash).

So please - don't just stick the SH-1 in your catalogues. SELL IT!


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