Sony RX100 MK3 What I nice camera to have always in my pocket!

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Re: Sony RX100 MK3 What I nice camera to have always in my pocket!

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I can't believe people are complaining about these images. Have they never experienced a day where there are dark storm clouds forming and the sun is lighting up the streets and architecture? Maybe they think these are HDR images? The amazing DR of the RX3 has captured all of the bright and dark tones beautifully, without blowing out or closing up. Great job and beautiful city scenes!

These are very nice images indeed, but not because of the RX100's amazing DR. If anything, a full frame camera would render those scenes with less difference in brightness between the sky and the sun-lit buildings.

Yes, and weight 10 times as much, and cost 4 times as much with proper glass. This thread wasn't a discussion on rx100m3 being better than a FF camera. No one makes that claim. He was just showing off some rather impressive shots from a compact camera. It is amazing what this little machine can do.

You misunderstood my intention. I was just saying that it was not the result of amazing DR that the skies came out so dark and the buildlings bright. That's all, you can hold your fire and lower your shields:) I own an RX100 and of course like it a lot.

The RX100/3 captured pretty much all of the tones in a VERY difficult scene, and I'm pretty sure that the images are very close to the way it looked in real life. Even the unnaturally dark skies. I've seen this phenomenon many times, and have images that are similar. FF or MF might have smoother transitions and slightly wider DR, but I think these scenes were rendered VERY well by the RX. The near-perfect metering and wide DR (for a compact) may be what impresses me the most about the RX series. (Had a Mk1 and now a Mk3)

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