what about online 3d image creating?

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You ask "why does Apple have no support?"

Turbguy1 wrote:

While Mac has advantages,

That's a common misconception.

you have to ask why does Apple have no support for Stereo anything?


Because 3D, as we know it today, is dominated by experimenters, tinkerers, adventurers, people who create in the free software community for the pure love of creation. That's simply not the Apple world.

And because programmers hate writing for the Mac. You spend more on hardware, and climb a more difficult learning curve on your programming tools, to reach a smaller, less literate audience. An audience that, despite paying insane premiums for their fashion-accessory fruit-flavored computer-substitute, is loath to pay for software (and has little qualms about piracy).

  • In a quest to "look different" Apple created a weird programming language called "objectionable C". After a decade of suffering through that, they're trying to replace that with something even worse. It's one thing to sacrifice usability in the pursuit of "looking different" for the general users, but when you make your programming languages unnecessarily difficult, well, it's game over for software development.
  • Windows has had stable, reliable, free programming environments for years. Apple's free programming environment, Xcode, was launched in 2003, and was laughably unstable (multiple crashes daily) until version 4.1 in 2010.
  • Little things, like in windows, you do source control with the free, easy to use TortiseSVN or TortiseGIT. On the fruit-flavored computer-substitute, you pay $60 for an SVN client called Versions that crashes daily.
  • Apple's libraries are inconsistent and non orthogonal so programming causes cognitive dissonance.

Even using a cross platform framework like wxWindows hasn't gotten the Mac much in the way of support. Although we wouldn't have Audacity for the Mac without it.

Sorry about the way you feel about windoz, but that's where you need to be for the BEST stereophotography support, at least for now

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