A77 mk2 ISO weirdness??

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A77 mk2 ISO weirdness??

Is there something strange up with the new A77 mk2 ISO speeds?

I haven’t had a lot of time to compare my new mk2 to the old A77, but I have noticed about a one stop difference in ISO speeds between the two.

My description may be a little confusing but for instance if I leave both in P mode using the same ISO the mk2 uses ½ the shutter speed compared to the A77.

For example, using an outdoor target in aperture mode I selected ISO 200, F/6.3 on both cameras and the A77 used a shutter speed of 1/320. The mk2 used 1/160 for the same exposure.

I changed to auto ISO and both cameras used the same shutter speed, but the mk2 chose ISO 400 vs. ISO 200 on the A77.

I used an indoor target so I could control the lighting conditions and changed to manual mode. I then discovered I needed to make a one stop adjustment in either ISO or shutter speed to obtain the same exposure.

With the indoor example I needed a shutter speed of 1/50, ISO 3200 at F6.3 to obtain the same exposure that the A77 had at 1/100, ISO 3200 at F6.3.

I made these tests using the same Sony 18-250mm lens to rule out variations in the lenses.

My conclusion is the ISO rating on the mk2 is one stop different from the old A77. For example ISO 3200 on the mk2 is equal to ISO 1600 on the old A77.

Has anybody else noticed this or is my particular example of the mk2 a little off?

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