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Re: This is the camera I really want

Jeff2013 wrote:

If you ever shoot BIF or nature shots, whatever lens you use will likely never be long enough. Having 36mp to allow for significant cropping can really make a difference in terms of increasing the number of usable, great shots.

Down-converting 36mp files to usable sizes for print or viewing on the monitor shrinks blur and yields effectively sharper images. Roger Cicala, of Lens Rentals, has published a number of technical lens tests that conclusively prove this. I can shoot the lowly Nikon 28-300mm on my D800E, and by the time I down-convert to a usable print size, I end up with images that look like I shot them with a $4,000 Zeiss lens. Of course, if I am printing very large, I will need to use the premium glass that comes as close as possible to resolving the 36MP.

I have shot extensively with many cameras/brands from 12MP to 36MP and I am now so sold on 36MP, I now have three such cameras. The D800E (and my A7R's) produce unparalleled overall IQ, in real-world shooting conditions, save for going to medium format cameras.

In short, 36MP cameras, although not necessary for high IQ, since great prints can be made from as little as 8MP, certainly provide for a lot of additional overall flexibility in shooting. Further, I have found that the number of shots that people label as "stunning" or "3D" goes up dramatically with these high resolution monsters.

If you do not believe me, rent a 36MP camera and see for yourself, before pontificating about what a waste it is.

I appreciate all the replies here and I am now seeing more of the advantages of the 810.

I should not have stated the 36MP.s are not needed by most.

I have always prized Hi ISO ability in a camera because I shoot a lot of no flash low light shots for candids at weddings. So the D4, D4s and the lowly 16MPs is sufficient for my needs. But I also like the idea of have video now. I really like my D3s for that reason.

I will probably end up getting the 810 and hoping that it will also have some decent low light abilities along with its other features and probably put my low shutter count D700 on ebay

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