10's and S's Fixes all Nikon Issues!

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10's and S's Fixes all Nikon Issues!

Got a bad D800? I've yet to see a single sample with perfect focus using all points. Fixed! Just add 10 and you've got the D810 and all your troubles are over!

Got a bad SB900 flash? Man, do these things overheat! I thought mine was broken and months later a fellow at B&H assured me that it was and for good. Need a cure? Just add another 10 and you've got a sweet and properly working SB910!

Oily and defective D600? Never fear! Nikon ponied up and added another 10! Th D610 is the camera they mean to release all along!

10's are for bad products. S's are usually for good ones. Happy to know my Df will likely get an S!

So...with that nonsense aside, I wonder if we should really be looking at refresh cycles as the cameras to buy. In other words, only buy the models that have been updated and ignore the initial releases. Likely we haven't the willpower for such a diet, but I bet we'd be happier with the products.

Just a thought....


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