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Moti wrote:

tt321 wrote:

Because of the emphasis of the forum, "90% of the dreck" posted to it is not meant to be photographic art, but to help illustrate something about some gear. For that purpose, this photo above has no value, unless accompanied with appropriate EXIF data or technical descriptions.

For the purpose of bringing a smile to the reader's face, of course this photo wins against a lot of what's posted here. But that's like saying that even the worst team in the World Cup finals can play better soccer than the best American Football team.

A bigger issue is that there are periodic and quite frequent lectures in this gear-centric forum to the effect that gear is unimportant and why don't we all go out and spend time to improve our photography. This is wholly inappropriate as there are multiple forums on DPR with names ending in the word 'photography'. In my opinion these lecturers should be shown the door swiftly if they have not found it.

This is a forum about gear, that the gear has a nominal purpose is recognized but that purpose should not outweigh interest in the gear itself. The gear may well be unimportant in the entire effort towards that overall purpose, but we should be allowed to concentrate on the gear locally, and leave the overall purpose, or at least denigrations about interests in gear, to be discussed at more appropriate venues.

Aren't we a bit hypocrite? You of all people, you try to tell others what to do while at the same time, you take advantage of this "tech" forum in order to promote your private photography.

Good question, but does it always have to end up personal?

You illustrate that not properly categorizing usually results in confusion. Even if I never talk about tech and only tried to sell my photographs, I could say what I said without being hypocritical so long as I have never objected to others talking about tech.

just look at your signature. If you really believe that this is a gear forum and there is no place for photos that do not belong here in any form, embedded or linked. So please, show us a personal example, take off the link to your private photos and replace it by your gear list. If you do not do it, then just shut up and stop telling others what to do.

I don't believe there is any contradiction as I have never opposed anyone showing photographs or linking to galleries in their signatures. For example and forgive me for going personal - after all you opened the door through which I am about to step - I appreciate your personal work very much myself and personally have benefited from following your links - multiple times - to your galleries from which I found enjoyment and valuable insights. Can you cite an example where I opposed your linking your galleries or posting your photos - I don't remember ever doing that to anyone. I also support people sharing their non gear-related wisdom and benefited from reading that. What I have an issue with is trying to steer others away from their focus on the tech. These advices are more appropriate somewhere other than a tech forum as it's a right and proper venue for focusing on tech.

Personally I am not gear-centric enough to modify my signature like you advised because that would present a picture of me not as I see myself, and when I do talk about gear the EXIF usually shows what gear is being used so a gear list serves no real purpose. However this is not about my own preferences. One does not need to (and probably should not) only support one's own necessarily narrow prejudices.

Broadly speaking, and again personally, I actually agree with the OP that I might benefit from re-evaluating my priorities at a higher level from time to time, but would not imagine coming to 1041 to discuss this. There is always 1018 etc. if I cannot resolve such questions myself, which so far has not happened.

Agreeing to the content of a message does not obligate support for the method of its delivery or it's delivery to a certain environment. More importantly, liking the content of a message does not have to prevent one from objecting to its delivery.

Hopefully I have explained why I don't believe I should shut up.

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