Is the 5dmk3 the perfect camera?

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Re: Is the 5dmk3 the perfect camera?

Avobanana wrote:

zenpmd wrote:

I have come to it from mirrorless as I needed something to shoot very fast and with reliable autofocus for pet photography and it does not disappoint. I cannot really think of anything I would improve on it, except maybe a little more dynamic range would be nice. But really, I could use this thing for 10 years!

Nikon cameras, although very good, are simply not as well rounded. its a shame the 6d does not have a 100 percent viewfinder else it would be a perfect second camera!

Anyone else feel the same?

I own a 5DIII and recently added a A7R.

Now everytime I open up my RAWs in LR, I feel like I want to switch to Nikon D810. 5DIII is well rounded indeed, it does everything well enough, but on the one metric that I care above all others: image quality, it falls a little short.

I have been shooting the 5D III side by side with the D800E for over a year now. The one thing I really don't like about the D800(E) is shooting in live view where the camera basically freezes until the buffer is written to the card(s). I hope the D810 has solved this problem alongside the EFC that is now there.

I will add a D810 later when I have seen the reviews and will continue to use the Canon system. I run photo workshops and a working knowledge of both systems is essential to guide the workshop participants to the details of their camera setup for landscape photography. The two systems also serve as a backup for both lenses and bodies and for the participants if they have a failed lens.

The D800E has slightly higher resolution and a better DR by a good margin. But I can almost always get the shots I want with the Canon system. I would like the banding to go away in the shadows although only sometimes a problem which can be solved with HDR merges (< 1% of my shots)

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