Mirrorless & DSLR Weight Comparison

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Re: Mirrorless & DSLR Weight Comparison

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All of you bring out the Micro 4/3 as an example to compare against APS-C sized sensor DSLR. You will have no disagreement from me or anyone that going to a smaller sensor size will reduce the weight and size of the gear. Mainly is the lens size that will be smaller and lighter. That is very obvious from looking at the numbers. Bigger sensor gathers more light and requires bigger lens. Just to be sure, micro 4/3 is a good format for some conditions, but there is low light compromise and less bokhe for those that want more subject isolation.

I want to keep the APS-C advantage, and that is when you run into questions of why switch to mirrorless. Looking at the graphs again, there are some weight savings, but not that much. Sony A6000 is the closest match to DSLR for focus speed, but the savings is only 60g when compared with Canon SL1.

But you can't shoot the camera with out a lens, comparing kit lenses the difference is just over 150g, or 1/3 lb. This is not the problem however. The problem is: you are comparing a POS near bottom of the barrel Rebel, that has poor DR, an outdated sensor, and low light performance that below that of my Olympus E-M10 to a very good Sony ILC with a new sensor, new processor, better grip, better video, tons more features, in a much much smaller kit.


Little more at 1/3 lb when compared with Nikon 5300. Car key and a bunch of coins would be 1/3 lbs. Skip the extra large at McDonalds will save that much too.

The typical house key weighs 0.5oz (the car keys only slightly more) this means you're going to have to have some 25+ keys in your pocket to equal the 1/3 lb your talking about. The car key analogy was probably not the best choice you could have used.

Per DXOMark, SL1 ISO performance is slightly better than E-M10,


SL1 vs E-M10
Portrait Color Depth: 21.8 vs 22.8 (E-M10 is better)
Landscape DR: 11.3EV vs 12.3EV (E-M10 is better)
Sports Low Light ISO: 843 vs 884 (E-M10 is better)

The SL1 also uses the same junk metering system used in the Rebel T2i, which I owned and is has the worst metering system I've ever used on any brand.

and will probably do focus tracking better than the A6000.

So you give up some, but gain some. If you are into sports, then SL1 will likely be better. But, the ISO performance is indeed outdated compared with current cameras.

And beat by M43.

Don't know what kind of car you drive, but even my bottom of the line 7 year old car has a remote key,

2007 Honda. No fancy/bulky remote on the key. I have an alarm, but the key itself is a plain auto key with a black grip about .5oz.

and it weights about 50g (1.8 oz) on the kitchen scale (remote with the key). So 1/3 lb is 5.3 oz, so is about 3 sets of remote and car keys. If your house key was .5oz, then 1/3 lb is about 10 keys, or 5 keys with a fancy keyring.

Correct, 10 bulky keys on a plain key ring would be about right.

BTW, just weighted a smallish apple (not big one). It weights 6 oz. That is one oz more than the difference between A6000 mirrorless and D5300 DSLR.


Huge Difference in size, and quite a bit in weight comparatively.

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