Would a PRIME lens give me better exposure with my XE1?

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Re: Would a PRIME lens give me better exposure with my XE1?

mistermejia wrote:

I have a wedding shower coming up in a couple days, and I still need some help in mastering the XE1. Yes, I am asking for help, that's all, and i would appreciate any constructive advice.

I am trying to learn how to control highlights not blowing up so much, it is very difficult for me with the XE1, and it doesn't matter how i set the camera, the highlights and shadows are just not balanced.

I took my XE1 and my S5 a couple minutes ago. I did nothing fancy, just a quick comparison between the XE1 and my S5. Again, it doesn't matter how i set the XE1, auto or manual(I manually adjust aperture), changing metering modes, adjusting exposure, ISO, dynamic range, etc. etc. the XE1 just won't do it right.

BUT, i just thought about something, is it possible that a change of lens would make a big difference? Look at the two photos below. Both were shot in shutter priority and i let the cameras do the rest. Since i don't have a zoom on my S5 but the 1.8 35mm is hard for me to compare what the S5 would do with a zoom 2.8, but based on what i am seeing, the S5 would probably pick the 2.8 aperture in this situations.

No matter what i do, the XE1 just gets the exposure way too dark on my subject with a nicer looking background, or it goes to the extremes, it exposes my subject properly, but it blows up the highlights on the background.

Now my question is, if i had a prime lens on the XE1, would i get better results or would the camera still pick very low apertures? The S5 just gives me a much more balanced and pleasing image over all. Would the XE1 behave differently with a prime on it for better results than what i am getting with the 18-55 zoom?

These are all jpegs, and yes, i can shoot raw, but i go out a lot and i need to post these jpeg photos in facebook. What can i say, this is my life style plus i just love the wonderful jpegs, but those darn blown highlights are just killing me

I would appreciate your help with this, but if you are annoyed by this type of questions and don't want to participate i completely understand.

Thank you.

To my eyes, your first X-E1 photo and the S5 Pro photo are not that far off.  My suggestion is to set the ISO on the X-E1 to 200 or 400 (you have it at 6400, way too high!) and then try to underexpose by 1/3 or 2/3 stops.  You can afford to shoot at far slower speeds than the 1/500 that you ended up at.  Does any of this make sense?

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