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Flat view
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Got a chance to play with it today for some point and shoot. I did not test iso or anything technical.

Body design
Very different and takes getting used to. Looks very odd and will gather comments from people due to its shape. It was comfortable to hold but no better than your average camera in terms of ergonomics. Not a fan of the overall camera button layout or body design. Mode dials and placement could have been better.

insanely sharp. In fact I need a skin filter just for my portraits. Detail is amazing if you pixel peep. I zoomed in and was astonished that the sharpness actually was sharp enough. I like sharpness.

Needs some type of macro adapter. Otherwise doesnt focus as close as I would prefer. However, I only used it as a point and shoot and there may be an adapter or menu setting to help with this.

Too much grey. I was not happy with the colors right off the bat but they are easily tweakable and I haven't dived into the menu yet to change any settings. Colors are realistic and with some type of editing or adjustment will probably be much better.

No flash results/indoors
On board flash is a small box and I didn't have time to adjust it for indoor photos. As a point and shoot indoor photos don't turn out well.

This is it for now. Samples and more to come once I take some action photos and adjust the camera to manual settings.

Flat view
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