Is the 5dmk3 the perfect camera?

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Re: 810 does NOT have the D4s AF

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Don't get me wrong, there is a lot about Nikon I like, and I even think I potentially prefer the ergonomically, but what strikes me about Canon is that they never really mess up. For sure, they aren't cheap and the sensors are out of date. But the 7d still had the largest buffer and best AF in any APS-c camera, for example. They get the fundamentals right.

In the 5dmk3 you get pro level AF, the only competition being the D4S, as the d800 cannot match it. Thank god the d610 has a 100% viewfinder though. Its a hard camera to criticise I agree for non-specialist work, but then unless you are getting super AF and AF point coverage etc, I question the point of a DSLR in general and soon the Sony A7s will have enough lenses to be broadly ok except for specialist use.

Canon never messes up? Google "1DM3 AF issue" haha AF is pretty "fundamental". Perhaps one of the largest issues in DSLR history, and many unfortunate souls have $4500 paperweights since Canon's response to the matter was awful (first denying the problem entirely, then blackmailing the media in attempt to not go public with it). Many people never received an AF fix. The truth is both Canon and Nikon have their fair share of black marks on their history, neither are perfect, and both "mess up" haha.

As for the 5DM3, a D810 is more than basically has a 5DM3 built in (1.2 crop mode is 25MP @ 6 FPS). It's also built better, and has the D4S AF

Um... no, it does not have the D4s AF. It has a new Group-area AF mode that was first introduced in the D4s. Having one mode that exists in the D4s is a far cry from having the full AF system.

According to Nikon and all sources, it has the same AF and the same processor that handles AF I'm not sure where you're getting your information.  They also have a history of putting identical AF in their pro bodies.

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