Are we a bit misdirected?

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Re: Correct

Steven Wandy wrote:

pocketpygmy wrote:

clearly he fancies himself to be some kind of disciplinarian.

HUH??? What about the OP post seems disciplinarian to you? His opinion is that we sometimes forget that the content of photos is (perhaps should be) more important than the technical manner in which they were obtained. (At least that is my reading of his post - he is certainly not suggesting that that is the only way of looking at a photo.)


Forum Nazi wrote:

A bigger issue is that there are periodic and quite frequent lectures in this gear-centric forum to the effect that gear is unimportant and why don't we all go out and spend time to improve our photography. This is wholly inappropriate as there are multiple forums on DPR with names ending in the word 'photography'. In my opinion these lecturers should be shown the door swiftly if they have not found it.

what could be lecture-y than that? jeez.

but that's not the OP, is it? comprehend your reading, sir. i'm with the OP. just not tt-whats-his-name.

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