Advice for GPS to use during visit to UK (Yorkshire Dales)

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Re: We will NOT be driving in Australia!...

Isabel Cutler wrote

Good grief - how do you keep all of that straight? [roundabout "rules"]


Sydney driving is a bit hectic at times, but it varies with geography. I'm on the north side of Sydney and the leafy better class(?) northern suburbs seem to have better mannered drivers, if I go to the working class western suburbs then life gets more exciting. More chance of idiots breaking rules and driving way too fast. Not trying to sound like a snob, but there is a big difference.

Added to that we have a huge recent migrant population coming from many countries where road rules are not of high priority, so...... it can get interesting.

Basically it's a case of knowing the rules, but also knowing that at any time anyone could break the rules. Constant vigilance is needed and I have survived 54 years now of driving here (and in USA/Canada, Europe and UK).

Nicer is when I go visit one daughter out west from Sydney, can drive some of the roads and not see another car for half an hour a times.

Regards..... Guy

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