What is the sharpest M43 Olympus lens?

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Re: Three-way tie

amtberg wrote:

According to Lenstip it's essentially a 3-way tie between the Oly 75, PL 42.5, and Voigtlander 25.

It's actually essentially a 4-way tie. The $200 Sigma 60mm f/2.8 is just as sharp if not a tiny bit sharper than most of these, based on Lenstip's resolution test results. I have used both the Sigma and the Olympus for many portraits and I could not find any practical difference even when checked at 100%. I seldom shoot at lower than f/2.8 as there is too little DOF for the 75mm for tighter portrait shots. I don't shoot paper thin DOF things like a cloth peg and other shots to show off lens capability for wows and ahs. I shoot more real life things. The only real difference that seem to matter is the bokeh, which is better on the Olympus lens, and part of the reason is due to its longer FL, but in most situations, without direct comparisons and looking specificially for flaws in bokeh, the difference is not noticeable except in specific cases when the background is such that small differences in bokeh would show up. The Sigma's bokeh is pretty good though not the greatest. The Olympus is of course beautifully made in metal and finished. In terms of just sharpness at portrait ranges, based on my experience, any difference is completely negligible and I suspect it's better on the Sigma. Honest. So, sample variations and very extreme lab case test shots aside, I say the Sigma is the same as the 75mm (and by logical deduction also the same as the other two), and it has advantages being a lot smaller and less intimidating for the subject.

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